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House of Ella Interiors offers full service interior design, from initial consultation, through to installation of your new home.
Below you will find each stage of the project process including what is involved and the journey we take to help you create your dream home.

Stage 1: Consultation and project brief

This phase sets the foundations for the rest of the project. To create a home that is completely bespoke to your lifestyle, wants and needs, we need get to you know you.

The purpose of this initial stage is for us to meet you and discuss all the requirements for your project. We will firstly send you a questionnaire to complete, which asks a range of questions from how you wish to use the space to what sort of styles you like, your aspirations and budget. Once we have received this, we will arrange a face to face, 90 minute consultation at your home. This is a great chance to delve further into how we can help you create a home that is completely personal to you.

Our homes are the most personal assets to us, so connecting with our clients at the consultation stage and finding out all manner of details, ensures we can create a design that is completely bespoke to your requirements.

Following the initial consultation, we will collate everything we have discussed about the project and develop a project brief, along with a fee proposal.

Stage 2: Space planning

Does your dining room currently double up as a home schooling space or home office? Does your home feel completely disorganised because the layout is not working for your needs?

These are the sorts of problems that we solve during the space planning phase.

Armed with all the information we have gathered during the consultation stage, we develop a range of floorplan layouts for your space. We consider all the ways you need to use the space and look at suitable layouts that work for your needs. We also consider a range of other factors, including a natural flow within the space, ergonomics and natural light.

Stage 3: Concept design

What sort of look and feel will the space have? What sort of atmosphere do we want to create, through colour, texture, style and light?

Once a floorplan has been chosen, we move into concept design. This phase is where the initial interior design ideas start to develop. We start to refine the style of the space, collating ideas on colours, materials and overall design elements to shape the concept of the space. Having a clear interior design concept ensures that there is a holistic consideration of the space and that the design is cohesive.

We share these in a moodboard or concept board, along with some initial ideas on different elements of the design. These may range from inspirational imagery, through to paint samples or 3D perspectives that show a more detailed section of the space.

We would love to help you create your own idyllic space. See our services page to find out more about how we work, or get in touch via our contact page.

Stage 4: Full service interior design

In this phase, all those ideas, colours, textures and interior architectural elements come together as a cohesive design. This is the exciting phase where you truly start to visualise how your space will be transformed.

The most involved of the design stages, this is where we take everything from the concept phase and refine every little detail, to complete your design. We design the bespoke elements of the space such as joinery, we specify all materials, we develop lighting designs and we source all Items from furniture to hardware and styling accessories.

We present a detailed design package to you which includes a floorplan, 2D elevations, 3D visualisations, fabric, paint and materials selections, furniture and fixture selections and lighting and electrical plans.

We develop a Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) schedule, or finishes schedule, which details all items to be purchased, their specifications and the prices.

Finding that perfect sofa, paint colour or bathroom tile can be time-consuming – which is why we handle all of this for you as part of our full service interior design and procurement process.

Once you are happy with the full selection in our finishes schedule, we liaise with all our wonderful suppliers, place orders and make purchases for everything on your behalf.

Stage 5: Installation

This is where everything we have presented to you in the full-service interior design phase comes together to create your newly transformed space. Joinery drawings become stunning pieces of furniture. Fabric samples become gorgeous upholstery or cushions. Lighting plans become striking, ambient lighting within your home.

The installation phase is where all works commence. Builders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, decorators and all relevant trades are brought on site. We oversee the trades with regular site visits while they follow a schedule of works, to ensure everything is successfully installed to the exacting standards set out during the design phase.

Once installation and final snagging is complete, we reveal the transformation of your home to you for you to live in and enjoy.

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We would love to help you bring your interior design project to life. To find out more about how we work and the services we offer, see our services page. To contact us about your upcoming project, get in touch with us via our contact page below.