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Shanna Rogan is the founder of House of Ella Interiors.

Her obsession for interior design started at a young age. On childhood visits to department stores, Shanna would be gazing at the lighting instead of the clothes on the racks. In restaurants, she’d be in awe of the velvet banquette seating, as opposed to looking at the menu. On travels, she’d be photographing the intricate print of a tile, instead of historical monuments.

Moving from Sydney to London, she went on to study Interior Design at the Chelsea College of Art & Design. As her excitement for beautiful finishes, intricate details and atmospheric spaces continued to grow, she started her interiors blog as a destination to channel her passion for interior design.

But this wasn’t enough as a mere hobby – Shanna knew that she had to turn her passion into something she could live and breathe.

A pivotal moment in her career came about when she was asked to design a new bedroom for her 5-year-old niece, Ella.

Thrilled at the opportunity, she carried her niece on a journey through inspiring ideas, concepts, colours and materials; eventually creating a beautiful, idyllic space for her little niece to grow within.

Upon seeing the space for the first time, Ella’s reaction was a priceless mix of sheer joy and wonder. Her emotion lit a spark in Shanna – there was a wonderful sense of accomplishment at having created this space that brought such happiness to her young client.

This distinct moment sparked her ambition to create this same level of joy for other clients through her designs.

It was this moment from which House of Ella Interiors was born.

Today, Shanna splits her time between London and Sydney, working with clients to create their own dream residences.

We would love to help you create your own idyllic space. See our services page to find out more about how we work, or get in touch via our contact page.

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We would love to help you bring your interior design project to life. To find out more about how we work and the services we offer, see our services page. To contact us about your upcoming project, get in touch with us via our contact page below.